Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc.

Minutes for the 2016-06-07 Board Meeting

IM Freedom board meeting 2016-08-24 23:00 UTC using a Google Hangout.

- Preamble and call to order 2300
- Elections start 2315
  + Proposed slate:
    * P: Eion
    * V: Matthew
    * T: Ethan
    * S: John

    Matthew moves to accept slate
    John seconds

    carries unanimously

- Old Business
  + Registration with Delaware 2323
    Register Eion as point of contact if possible, if not, John.
  + Reimbursement for Ethan 2325
    John moves to reimburse
    Eion seconds
    carries unanimously
  + Eion requested to know when NRAI is due, Ethan will find out
  + Richard asked about upcoming expenses, Ethan stated that he is
    unaware of any (unless there are minor expenses related to
    Delaware paperwork)
- New Business
  + Gary mentioned IM mini conference organized by Eion
    and Peter Lawler

    Eion submitted a proposal to and is awaiting
    information about the approval from the organizers of
    linuxconf.  There may be funding options available for travel if
    the mini-conference is approved.

    We will address anything related to this as it comes up, if IMF
    can be involved in some way.
  + Ethan brought up rules and bylaws for IMF and will send around
    some information.
  + Richard asked if we need to update the address in our bylaws.
    John will follow up with Sean and the SFLC to find out what
    needs to happen here.
  + Richard asked about the domain registrations and whether we need
    to update their contact information, Gary added that the DNS
    records for these domains are stale and need to be updated.
    Gary will follow up on this.
  + Gary asked about getting a logo for IMF.  Ethan mentioned that
    letterhead would help things on the business side from time to
    time.  Gary also pointed out T-shirts.  Ethan suggested tabling
    this for an email discussion that Gary will start.
  + Gary asked about a Pidgin meetup and whether IMF might get
    involved, Eion suggested that if IMF gets involved we might make
    it a broader meetup.
- Ethan summarized closing the meeting and next steps at 2355
- John made motion to adjourn at 2400
  Richard seconds
  motion carries, meeting adjourned