Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc.

You can choose to donate money to Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc. We’ll use this money to further free instant messaging software as we see fit. This generally means supporting Adium, Pidgin, Finch, and libpurple as needed, but could be used for other related purposes in the future.

In the interests of full disclosure we think it’s worth mentioning a few points:

  • We are a USA registered 501©(3) non-profit organization, we have historically not accepted donations and we have never given anyone a receipt for a donation. It’s possible that we’re required by law to provide receipts for donations above certain amounts. If you’re familiar with this process and would like to offer advice, or if you would like a receipt, then please reach out to us on Discourse.
  • We currently have some money in the bank, but it is not enough to fund developers. You can learn more about our current funding via the minutes of our board meetings.
  • While the corporation itself does not currently have a strong need for money some of the developers are accepting donations. See Individual Developer Donations below.
  • The officers and directors of Instant Messaging Freedom are unpaid volunteers, just like all of the developers of the Adium, Finch, libpurple, and Pidgin projects. We have no paid staff and this will likely remain true unless drastic changes in our funding happen in the future.
  • Pidgin and IMFreedom are both generously provided with free hosting from Digital Ocean.

Corporate Donations

If you would like to donate we have a number of options you may choose from.


You can purchase Pidgin merchandise directly from our spreadshirt store where a portion from every purchase will be received by Instant Messaging Freedom.


Benevity is a charitable donation-management service that your employer may be using to offer donation matching of employees among other options. We are registered there and you can find our profile here.


Finally, if you would like to donate directly, you can do so via the PayPal link below.

Individual Developer Donations

Directly donating to developers is encouraged as it gets the donations to them faster. However, if you would like to donate a large amount to a developer and run it through Instant Messaging Freedom for tax reasons, please reach out to us on our Discourse. If you would rather discuss privately you can reach out to to discuss the situation.

Gary Kramlich

Gary is the current lead developer and maintainer of both Pidgin and libpurple. He is also the responsible for both the Pidgin and IMFreedom infrastructure. He streams a lot of his work live on his channel

Eion Robb

Eion Robb is the protocol wizard. If you’ve used a modern protocol from a libpurple based client he has most likely helped in no small way even when he isn’t the primary author. On top of that he’s usually the first to respond to people looking for support across all of our support channels!