Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc.

Luke Schierer, Ethan Blanton, Evan Schoenberg, Nathan Walp and Sean Egan in attendence.

Mark Doliner and Mark Spencer absent.

Sean: Legal obligations resolved until 20080504, when we can no longer use “Gaim”. Non-profit status not yet filed.


  • We have $7,996.64 in account. We have taken in $15,000 of which $3,000 was held for Adium and disbursed to them.
  • We have spent $3,090.96 on artwork.
  • We have spent $26 on wire fees.
  • We have spent 103.87 on credit card processing.
  • We have spent $7.63 on postage.
  • We have spent $775 on legal fees.

Luke: Reported on Server costs and explained the advantages of a server.

The board voted to defer this decision pending more research.

The board unanimously voted that the vp continue to look into the possibilities of selling Pidgin tee-shirts and other merchandise.

The board unanimously voted that a webpage for imfreedom be created.

The board unanimously voted to create

The board voted that the president would invite and to

The board voted to re-elect all officers.

The board voted that an agenda would be published no less than one week in advance of the meeting.

The board voted that any proposal dealing with the expenditure of more than a total of $100 (either as a one-time cost, or the sum of recurring expenditures), must be proposed at least one week before votes are collected. It may either be proposed for an email vote with one week of notice, or proposed for vote at a board meeting, provided that the text of the proposal is present in the meeting agenda one week in advance.

The board voted that the website contain the following:

  1. A statement clarifying that IM Freedom, Inc. does not direct the day-to-day development of Pidgin, libpurple, Adium, or any libpurple related project.
  2. A statement that any funds donated to IM Freedom, Inc. in no way entitle the donator to any special privileges or control over the activites of IM Freedom, Inc. or the disbursment of their donation.
  3. Information reguarding the public mailing list,, and the archives of (as appropriate).
  4. A regularly updated statement on the activites being pursued by IM Freedom, Inc. as discussed on the mailing lists and voted on by the board.