Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc.

The 2012 Board Meeting was held at 23:00 UTC on 2012-04-18.

Meeting was by phone, with the conference generously provided by Evan Schoenberg. The meeting began at 12 minutes after the hour.

Members present were John Bailey, Ethan Blanton, Mark Doliner, Sean Egan, Luke Schierer, and Evan Schoenberg. Luke Schierer arrived during the reading of the financials.

The minutes of the meeting follow.

Approve minutes

Ethan read the minutes from our 2011 meeting. We voted and approved them.

Treasurer’s report

  • Treasurer read 2011 financials:

    We started the year with $20,364.42. We closed the year with $20,830.86.

    We spent $156, with $30 going to credit card processing and $126.00 to our business registration with NRA Inc.

    We took in $622.44. $610 of that is earmarked for Adium, coming in through their Spreadshirt account. The remaining $12.44 is from interest on our bank accounts.

    • Voted on and approved
  • Treasurer read 2012 financials (to date):

    We started the year with $20,830.86. We have $20,894.95 as of our last bank statement.

    We have spent no money this year, but we have $171.88 in Accounts Payable to Ethan Blanton for our business registration.

    We have taken in $64.09 YTD; $60 is earmarked for Adium through their Spreadshirt account, and $4.09 is interest.

    • Voted on and approved

Tax filing status

Confirmed that we have transferred our corporate status in Delaware from CT Corp to National Registered Agents, Inc., and we are in good standing.

Credit card processing status

Confirmed that we have closed our credit card processing account.

Officer and director elections

Sean renominated all board members for the same positions. Ethan seconded. We voted on and approved this.

New corporate mailing address

Sean has a new address, so we voted and approved changing the mailing address for Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc. to 3719 37 Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98114.