Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc.

Transcript for the 2009-11-23 Board Meeting

Times listed are PST.

(03:03:31 PM) seanegan: Alright… let’s get under way.
(03:04:16 PM) seanegan: Roll call: I note that Ethan, Evan, Luke, Mark Doliner, Mark Spencer and myself are all present.
(03:04:27 PM) seanegan: Which is everyone.
(03:04:57 PM) seanegan: The secretary sent out our minutes from last board meeting in an e-mail, but would he like to present them here as well?
(03:06:16 PM) Luke Schierer: Just an overview. Last meeting we discussed essentially two things, some ammendments to the by-laws in response to the lawyers
(03:06:39 PM) Luke Schierer: and then the financial report, which showed some expenses, but not many.
(03:07:06 PM) Luke Schierer: If no one objects to the minutes I emailed, I’d like to submit them as-is for ratification
(03:07:15 PM) seanegan: Thank you, Luke. Are there any objections?
(03:07:28 PM) elb: none here
(03:07:45 PM) evands: No objections.
(03:07:52 PM) markdoliner: No objections.
(03:08:25 PM) elb: I motion that we accept the minutes as recorded
(03:08:27 PM) markster: i wasn’t there so i obstain
(03:08:30 PM) markster: abstain i mean
(03:08:35 PM) markdoliner: elb: I second
(03:08:50 PM) seanegan: All those in favor of ratifiying the minutes as sent by Luke say aye
(03:08:54 PM) Luke Schierer: aye
(03:08:54 PM) elb: ayte
(03:08:57 PM) markdoliner: aye
(03:08:58 PM) evands: aye
(03:08:59 PM) elb: aye
(03:09:16 PM) seanegan: all opposed say nay.
(03:09:44 PM) seanegan: The ayes have it. The minutes are ratified.
(03:10:05 PM) seanegan: Mr. Treasurer, would you like to present your report?
(03:10:20 PM) elb: Yes, first, a the 2008 FY report
(03:10:32 PM) elb: Opening balance $7810.64, Closing balance $15472.48
(03:10:36 PM) elb: Income, $21.84 in interest accrued and $8000 in GSoC mentor payments
(03:10:39 PM) elb: Expenses, $360 in CC processing
(03:11:37 PM) elb: Those GSoC mentor payments were for both 2007 and 2008
(03:12:00 PM) elb left the room.
(03:12:22 PM) markster: so that money stays in the organization as opposed to going to the students?
(03:12:39 PM) elb [] entered the room.
(03:12:39 PM) Luke Schierer: both the students and the mentors get paid
(03:12:41 PM) elb: sorry
(03:12:43 PM) seanegan: That’s correct. The students get $4500, we get $500
(03:12:44 PM) elb: finch crashed
(03:12:53 PM) Luke Schierer: our mentors have generally donated the money to the project
(03:13:05 PM) elb: we received $5,000 in mentor payments for 2007, and $3,000 in 2008
(03:13:38 PM) elb: so, that’s 2008
(03:13:53 PM) elb: if there are no objections or further questions, I will present 2009 YTD
(03:14:03 PM) Luke Schierer: question: does that income, with no expenses, pose any problem for maintaining being a non-profit?
(03:14:14 PM) elb: it does not
(03:14:30 PM) elb: we are well under any thresholds that I am aware of
(03:14:40 PM) Luke Schierer: thank you
(03:14:40 PM) evands: Are there thresholds at all?
(03:14:45 PM) elb: evands: there are
(03:14:58 PM) elb: non-profits have to file taxes and etc. if they make more than a certain amount of money
(03:15:08 PM) elb: I would have to look up the details, I’m not prepared to present them now
(03:15:22 PM) markdoliner: It might be if you have over $25,000 in income per year
(03:15:31 PM) evands: Ah, yes. Luke seemed to be asking if there was an amount beyond which we couldn’t maintain non-profit status
(03:15:37 PM) elb: in our case, as one of our primary purposes is to provide a legal shelter, sitting on an amount of money is acceptable
(03:15:54 PM) elb: to my understanding
(03:16:07 PM) elb: we have to have money on hand to cover legal fees and etc. if the need should arise
(03:16:16 PM) evands: Indeed.
(03:16:20 PM) evands: No further questions; thank you.
(03:16:34 PM) seanegan: Any other questions or objections from the floor?
(03:16:56 PM) seanegan: Then, please proceed with the 2009 report.
(03:17:09 PM) elb: OK, our 2009 YTD report is through the statement ending 10/12/2009
(03:17:18 PM) elb: Opening balance $15472.64, YTD balance $15290.05
(03:17:24 PM) elb: Income, $42.57 in interest accrued
(03:17:26 PM) elb: Expenses, $225 in CC processing
(03:18:10 PM) elb: since that time, we have paid 752.81 for flight reimbursements for myself and Gary to the Google SoC Mentor Summit
(03:18:22 PM) markster: is $225 the minimum fee?
(03:18:26 PM) elb: we will be reimbursed for that amount by Google
(03:18:44 PM) elb: markster: it is monthly charges of $25 for minimum fees, yes
(03:18:52 PM) elb: $30, sorry
(03:19:05 PM) elb: at some point $25 of that ceased to be withdrawn, and Sean was supposed to look into that
(03:19:10 PM) markster: gotcha. what CC are we collecting?
(03:19:23 PM) elb: we have not processed a single payment
(03:19:29 PM) elb: the plan is to take donations
(03:19:34 PM) markster: and would we be better getting something that doesn’t have a monthly fee but instead uses just percentage like paypal?
(03:19:40 PM) Luke Schierer: we aren’t currently, because we have not figured out how to set up a webpage for that wihtout using a huge software hog like drupal
(03:19:46 PM) elb: possibly; this isn’t part of the treasurer’s report, though :-)
(03:20:00 PM) markster: i think paypal has a “give now” sort of option that is easy to tack onto a web page
(03:20:13 PM) markster: designed expressly for that purpose
(03:20:35 PM) elb: we have outstanding receivables of $3500 for SoC mentor payments for 2009, as well as reimbursement for the $752.81 in travel expenses for the mentor summit
(03:20:45 PM) elb: also since that 1012 statement
(03:20:48 PM) evands: markster: we ran an analysis previously which showed this was a better move for a certain threshold of donations. That analysis didn’t account for setting it up but not engaging it, of course. We should wait until the treasurer is done with his report to discuss this :)
(03:20:56 PM) ***seanegan bangs gavel
(03:21:09 PM) elb: and that is all I have for 2009 YTD, I’d be happy to take questions on that
(03:21:11 PM) markster: sorry!
(03:21:15 PM) seanegan: Thank you, Ethan.
(03:21:23 PM) seanegan: Are there any questions about the treasurer’s report?
(03:21:44 PM) elb: I have one other item, actually
(03:21:50 PM) seanegan: you have the floor
(03:22:13 PM) elb: as you all were notified, we changed banks from Charter Bank (a division of RBS, which had problems) to Old National
(03:22:17 PM) elb: which bought our accounts from Charter
(03:22:32 PM) elb: this requires no further action from any of you, and I notified the board at the time
(03:22:40 PM) elb: but I would like it to appear in the minutes
(03:22:46 PM) Luke Schierer: noted
(03:22:50 PM) elb: seanegan: that’s all
(03:22:59 PM) seanegan: Thank you. Are there any other questions for the treasurer?
(03:23:26 PM) seanegan: Thank you, Ethan.
(03:23:50 PM) seanegan: Moving to item 5 in the agenda, election of directors and officers
(03:24:11 PM) seanegan: We have one vacancy to fill, as Nathan Walp submitted his resignation.
(03:25:03 PM) seanegan: I believe we only have one nomination to replace him, in John Bailey.
(03:25:23 PM) Luke Schierer: My understanding was that there was a nomination to accept Zack from Adium to the board as well
(03:25:47 PM) elb: Luke Schierer: that was my nomination, and it was part of a proposal which was dropped on the floor
(03:25:57 PM) evands: No k, actually - just Zac. Zac offered to fill a position if needed.
(03:27:03 PM) seanegan: Sorry, going through my notes.
(03:27:10 PM) Luke Schierer: What does the slate of officers otherwise look like?
(03:27:58 PM) seanegan: I believe all other directors and officers are willing to be re-elected to their current positions. Is that not true of anyone here?
(03:28:14 PM) elb: I am
(03:28:25 PM) Luke Schierer: You are willing to remain as president then Sean?
(03:28:30 PM) elb: I have a request regarding my position for later, however
(03:28:33 PM) seanegan: I am.
(03:28:39 PM) markster: i am too
(03:28:46 PM) markster: or “me too” in aol parlance
(03:29:01 PM) Luke Schierer: I am willing to retain my position
(03:29:07 PM) evands: I am willing to retain my position
(03:29:29 PM) seanegan: And I believe markdoliner is as well?
(03:29:35 PM) markdoliner: Yew
(03:29:37 PM) markdoliner: Er, yes
(03:30:00 PM) seanegan: Then, move to re-elect all directors and officers to their current position
(03:30:08 PM) Luke Schierer: excepting Nathan
(03:30:14 PM) seanegan: He resigned
(03:30:24 PM) evands: Seconded
(03:30:27 PM) seanegan: effective immediately, as I understood.
(03:30:38 PM) seanegan: All those in favor say aye.
(03:30:40 PM) markdoliner: aye
(03:30:41 PM) elb: aye
(03:30:43 PM) Luke Schierer: Right, I was just ammending for my own clarity. I vote aye
(03:32:10 PM) seanegan: all those opposed?
(03:33:01 PM) evands: Apologies: I voted aye. I thought my ‘seconded’ sufficed :)
(03:33:10 PM) seanegan: understood.
(03:33:15 PM) seanegan: markster: do you intend to abstain?
(03:33:32 PM) markster: no, i’m sorry
(03:33:35 PM) markster: i vote aye :)
(03:33:45 PM) seanegan: Alright, the motion passes unanimously.
(03:34:21 PM) seanegan: The floor is now open to nominations for our director vacancy. Ethan indicated that has a nomination
(03:34:35 PM) elb: my nomination was as recorded before, John Bailey
(03:34:58 PM) elb: he is an active Pidgin/libpurple/finch, as well as Guifications developer, and he has expressed interest to me in the past
(03:35:35 PM) seanegan: Are there other nominations for the vacant director position?
(03:35:47 PM) seanegan: such as Zac West?
(03:36:10 PM) Luke Schierer: I nominate Zac, I did not intend that discussion to get dropped on the floor
(03:36:38 PM) elb: the discussion which was dropped was whether we wanted to add two board members
(03:36:44 PM) elb: for the record
(03:37:23 PM) seanegan: understood.
(03:37:33 PM) Luke Schierer: okay, I’m going to with draw my nomination and ask that we re-consider the extra board seat in email
(03:38:18 PM) seanegan: In that case, we currently have on nominee for the vacancy
(03:38:36 PM) seanegan: All those in favor of electing John Bailey say aye
(03:38:42 PM) evands: Aye
(03:38:43 PM) markdoliner: aye
(03:38:43 PM) Luke Schierer: aye
(03:38:47 PM) elb: aye
(03:39:29 PM) seanegan: All opposed?
(03:39:51 PM) markster: aye :)
(03:40:04 PM) seanegan: John Bailey is elected director.
(03:40:40 PM) seanegan: Are there any questions or objections to the election of directors or officers?
(03:40:56 PM) elb: none here
(03:41:01 PM) markster: none here either
(03:41:04 PM) evands: no objections
(03:41:05 PM) markdoliner: none here
(03:41:11 PM) seanegan: Then moving on to item 6 of the agenda.
(03:41:45 PM) seanegan: I moved last week, so I move to ammend our by-laws to change our business address to 120 Wesklake Ave N Seattle WA 98109
(03:42:11 PM) elb: second
(03:42:18 PM) seanegan: All in favor say aye:
(03:42:19 PM) markster: aye
(03:42:19 PM) markdoliner: aye
(03:42:20 PM) Luke Schierer: aye
(03:42:23 PM) evands: aye
(03:42:52 PM) markster: sean as a matter of record…
(03:42:58 PM) markster: do you want to redact your address from the official record?
(03:43:10 PM) markster: if it’s being published
(03:43:21 PM) seanegan: No, that’s fine… it’s already in our public documents.
(03:43:23 PM) Luke Schierer: I believe the mailing address of the corporation has to be public
(03:43:26 PM) seanegan: all opposed to the measure?
(03:43:57 PM) seanegan: elb: do you intend to abstain?
(03:44:09 PM) elb: sorry, aye
(03:44:22 PM) seanegan: The measure passes unanimously.
(03:45:19 PM) seanegan: Moving on to item 8 on the agenda… move to accept Adium under the Instant Messaging Freedom umbrella.
(03:45:28 PM) evands: second
(03:45:40 PM) Luke Schierer: I like the idea. I wanted to do it last time we tried.
(03:45:47 PM) evands: I would like to make a note regarding this before the vote, though
(03:45:58 PM) seanegan: evands: you have the floor
(03:46:02 PM) evands: Thank you
(03:46:17 PM) evands: This acceptance would be under the terms of the proposal that Zac West previously emailed to the board
(03:46:32 PM) evands: Did the board have an opportunity to review that proposal? Should I present it here?
(03:46:34 PM) elb: evands: only under those terms?
(03:46:46 PM) Luke Schierer: please re-present the proposal
(03:46:55 PM) evands: elb: Certainly if those terms weren’t acceptable, we could discuss other terms
(03:47:04 PM) elb: evands: I proposed that we accept Adium to the IMF, terms to be determined by email
(03:47:21 PM) markster: hrm, i think we’d at least need the broad terms to agree
(03:47:25 PM) elb: the terms are broadly acceptable to me, but there are a lot of details to be determined
(03:47:26 PM) evands: elb: That is perfect. I just wanted to clarify as Sean’s movement didn’t include that
(03:47:38 PM) elb: like how we will integrate accounting
(03:47:38 PM) elb: etc.
(03:47:40 PM) markster: for example who would own the code and do we feel we have the potential to absorb any additional liabilities by taking it on
(03:48:05 PM) seanegan: evands: Would you care to rephrase the motion?
(03:48:23 PM) evands: seanegan: Sure. Just one second as I use the floor to continue this discussion before we put it in formal terms.
(03:48:43 PM) seanegan: You may continue
(03:48:50 PM) Luke Schierer: markster, currently we do not require copyright assignment to contribute to any of pidgin/finch/libpurple
(03:48:54 PM) evands: I’m not sure, but I don’t know that we’re in a position to immediately or in the future reassign full ownership of the codebase of Adium to anything other than “The Adium Project”
(03:49:03 PM) evands: as numerous contributors have been involved over the years
(03:49:18 PM) evands: it’s the same problem faced with the Pidgin/Gaim codebase, though of course to a somewhat lesser extent
(03:50:03 PM) seanegan: Pidgin is of course in the same position, and Instant Messaging Freedom Inc. claims no copyright in it accept for certain assets such as icon images that it has paid for.
(03:50:14 PM) evands: Correct
(03:50:16 PM) Luke Schierer: exactly. I don’t see that can be a bar to entry. I can see where, as a separate agenda item, we may want to to consider that at some future point
(03:51:00 PM) markster: right that makes sense
(03:51:02 PM) Luke Schierer: if so it’d have to be on a “going forward” basis
(03:51:13 PM) markster: is adium aware of any trademark or copyright concerns though?
(03:51:24 PM) markster: like we suffered in the day under gaim?
(03:51:30 PM) markster: and do they own the trademark to adium?
(03:51:33 PM) evands: markster: No, there are no active or currently forseen concerns
(03:51:43 PM) evands: There has been no formal application for the ‘adium’ trademark
(03:51:52 PM) markster: ah
(03:52:25 PM) evands: That’s actually something that a future proposal would likely address; I’m not sure where ‘Pidgin’ stands as a trademark, but I suspect IMF has taken care of that previously. If so, learning from the past experiences would be helpful; if not, doing it for both under the IMF umbrella would be good.
(03:52:30 PM) evands: That’s not in the scope of the movement at the moment, though.
(03:53:04 PM) elb: Pidgin is not registered; we candiscuss registering them both at some later date
(03:53:12 PM) evands: Thanks, elb
(03:53:24 PM) evands: If it is acceptable to the chair, I will now present the proposal Zac West previously emailed the board
(03:53:36 PM) evands: And move to vote to include Adium in the IMF under those terms
(03:53:39 PM) seanegan: It is.
(03:54:00 PM) evands: Adium and IM Freedom, Inc. Proposal
Zachary West, Evan Schoenberg, October 2009
(03:54:06 PM) evands: Adium so far has held a somewhat unofficial relationship with IM Freedom, Inc. (IMF) in the past. It handled Adium’s Google Summer of Code payments, as well as generally oversees the protection of half of Adium’s running code. It only makes sense that we codify our relationship with IMF in a way that’s beneficial for both of us.
(03:54:20 PM) evands: What We Ask of IMF
(03:54:23 PM) evands: Adium seeks legal responsibility of its code from IMF much in the way that it protects the Pidgin source code. We would like IMF to take over responsibilities for the Adium trademark, logo, and all other legal aspects of Adium’s management, helping the Adium project to apply for legal protections under the IMF name as appropriate.
(03:54:57 PM) evands: Addendum: The legal responsibility of code is of course a tricky issue, and it is unclear. We ask no more (but also no less) assistance from IMF than is provided to Pidgin.
(03:55:06 PM) evands: We would like IMF to handle non-profit donations from our users and hold them in its bank account for our earmarked usage. Any uses of the funds would be entirely administered and the responsibility shouldered by the Adium team member who is conducting the activity.
(03:55:19 PM) evands: For example, Adium may wish to start an official bounty system. We would organize the bounties and handle any necessary paperwork and organization to distribute the money. Our donations would also go towards our low operating costs (domain names, moistly).
(03:55:37 PM) evands: What We’ll Provide:
(03:55:48 PM) evands: The two things which IMF is currently in need of are time and money. We recognize the current cash reserves of IMF are already put together for any administrative needs, so we’re willing to donate both our time and our money.
(03:55:55 PM) evands: We will place 10% of our donations directly into IMF’s funding, with the remaining 90% reserved for Adium use. If a need arises, of course, IMF may use Adium’s funds for its purposes upon request.
(03:56:16 PM) evands: Adium currently has approximately $2,000 in donations currently held in Evan Schoenberg’s bank account. These would be transferred into IMF’s account, with $200 going directly towards IMF and the remaining $1,800 reserved for Adium use as described above.
(03:56:59 PM) markster: would those proceeds be net proceeds after the CC fees etc?
(03:57:01 PM) evands: Evan Schoenberg is currently a board member of IMF. Zac West also makes himself available to assume responsibilities within IMF as needed.
(03:57:41 PM) evands: markster: I think that would be most reasonable. CC fees and any other administrative costs would be assessed before allocation of any funds.
(03:58:12 PM) evands: That concludes the proposal.
(03:58:36 PM) evands: Are there any questions or concerns?
(03:59:07 PM) elb: I have concerns, but they are details that I believe we can resolve later
(03:59:24 PM) seanegan: I am concerned about the 10% rake
(03:59:27 PM) Luke Schierer: Our current by-laws allow for any board member to spend funds under 2 conditions, a majority vote from the board, and specific approval from the Treasurer. I can see that the board could vote authorizing a $ amount to be spent on goals as determined by a specified group of indvididuals.
(03:59:28 PM) markdoliner: I’m not sure how I feel about “10% of donations go to IMF.” I’m wondering how people feel about removing that requirement and allowing 100% to go to Adium
(03:59:36 PM) elb: for example, as treasurer, how we arrange for the money to come in and how disbursements are to be handled
(03:59:59 PM) markster: well presumably when someone contributed they’d contribute to one or the other
(04:00:04 PM) Luke Schierer: but I’d expect the actual check to be written by a IMF board member, and not that we’d grant a non-board member access to the account
(04:00:17 PM) markster: besides, don’t contributions for pidgin generally help adium (at least if they’re core to libprpl)?
(04:00:35 PM) elb: I don’t raise these concerns as things we need to solve now, but simply as things that I think should be defined
(04:01:03 PM) elb: I have no opinion either way on the 10%, I certainly don’t believe it is (or should be) a requirement for the inclusion of Adium
(04:01:20 PM) evands: Luke Schierer: I think that’s very reasonable. We might need to make a separate proposal that at least one board member be an active representative of each organization within the IMF umbrella… but that’s a matter of board mechanics which won’t be an immediate issue as I have been reelected for the coming year.
(04:01:50 PM) evands: Speaking for Adium, I appreciate the board’s consideration of the 10%; I’ll abstain from any vote related to it.
(04:02:09 PM) seanegan: I move to amend the resolution to remove all specifics about money, specifically everything including after “What we’ll provide”
(04:02:17 PM) Luke Schierer: the 10% makes sense to me given the aspect of IMF acting to shelter projects from things like happened with AOL.
(04:02:33 PM) markster: one thing we do at digium for our board meetings is we have the “official” board meeting to discuss actual stuff that the board needs to decide on then afterwards have a more free-form business discussion. perhaps we can do that here.
(04:02:49 PM) markster: that would prevent us from having to decide this now but could allow for free-form discussion about the possibilities
(04:02:56 PM) Luke Schierer: fair enough
(04:02:56 PM) elb: that was the intention here
(04:03:06 PM) evands: That sounds reasonable to me
(04:03:10 PM) elb: that we would vote to accept Adium under the umbrella, and determine the nature of that relationship later
(04:03:39 PM) seanegan: Ok, so the resolution at hand is whether or not to accept Adium under the IMF umbrella, specifics of which to be determinted at a later date
(04:04:07 PM) evands: …which is, in fact, where we started. Which is fine; thank you for the opportunity to get this discussion going and to present the proposal in its original form.
(04:04:24 PM) evands: I move to a vote on the resolution by seanegan.
(04:04:33 PM) elb: I second
(04:04:46 PM) seanegan: All those in favor:
(04:04:49 PM) markdoliner: aye
(04:04:50 PM) elb: aye
(04:04:50 PM) evands: Aye
(04:04:55 PM) markster: aye
(04:05:27 PM) Luke Schierer: abstain
(04:05:43 PM) seanegan: The resolution passes 4-0.
(04:06:06 PM) seanegan: Item 9 is similar.
(04:06:38 PM) seanegan: Move to accept Vulture under the Instant Messaging Freedom umbrella, the specifics of which will be determined at a later date
(04:06:49 PM) elb: I second
(04:07:02 PM) elb: and I note that John Bailey is an active developer on that project
(04:07:39 PM) seanegan: All those in favor say aye, those opposed say nay, those abstaining say abstain
(04:07:44 PM) markdoliner: aye
(04:07:50 PM) elb: aye
(04:07:51 PM) Luke Schierer: abstain. I dislike voting on nebulous things.
(04:07:52 PM) evands: aye
(04:08:20 PM) markster: i should clarify are we going to vote again when the terms are decided?
(04:08:40 PM) seanegan: we will vote on specifics over e-mail.
(04:08:44 PM) elb: markster: as far as I’m concerned, the terms could be to annul the relationship
(04:08:45 PM) elb: so yes
(04:08:53 PM) markster: okay great
(04:09:04 PM) Luke Schierer: I vote aye on proceeding and getting clarification and generally progressing toward accepting Adium and Vulture
(04:09:24 PM) seanegan: Last time we voted on Adium, we voted to invite them, which may have made more sense for the language this time as well.
(04:10:22 PM) seanegan: markster: Is “okay great” an aye vote?
(04:10:33 PM) markster: yes i keep my aye vote from earlier
(04:10:49 PM) markster: it’s just i guess encouraging you to get a more formal proposal for us to decide in a meeting or via e-mail in lieu of a meeting
(04:11:08 PM) seanegan: So, this is actually a second project we’re voting to invite.
(04:12:38 PM) Luke Schierer: If I’ve followed the votes, we have enough to aprove motion 8.
(04:12:55 PM) Luke Schierer: I motion to adjourn.
(04:13:05 PM) markster: second
(04:13:24 PM) seanegan: Are there any other questions anyone would like to raise before adjourning?
(04:13:32 PM) evands: No
(04:13:35 PM) seanegan: I believe elb had one?
(04:13:36 PM) elb: I have a request, as mentioned earlier
(04:13:48 PM) elb: I would like to get together with someone and have them look over our books
(04:13:49 PM) seanegan: elb: you have the floor
(04:14:03 PM) elb: any board member may request to see the books at any time, I believe
(04:14:04 PM) elb: but no one has
(04:14:11 PM) markster: elb: i can ask our controller to look at them
(04:14:20 PM) elb: thsi can be taken care of offline, but I want to toss that out there
(04:14:33 PM) markster: i assume you want someone skilled in accounting?
(04:14:41 PM) Luke Schierer: Where are you currently elb? Still in Indiana?
(04:14:43 PM) elb: markster: that would be appreciated, I probably have some things I have to get around first
(04:14:48 PM) elb: markster: ideally
(04:14:55 PM) elb: but mostly, I just want to make sure someoen else has seen all this
(04:15:01 PM) elb: Luke Schierer: correct
(04:15:22 PM) markdoliner: I think that’s a good iea
(04:15:27 PM) markster: elb: i can arrange for our controller to look at them i think
(04:15:30 PM) markster: contact me offline
(04:15:37 PM) elb: markster: OK, thank you
(04:15:50 PM) elb: seanegan: that’s all I had
(04:15:55 PM) seanegan: Thank you. Any other questions?
(04:15:57 PM) Luke Schierer: Oh, that reminds me. in writing up the minutes, I noted that I am apparently supposed to keep a list of all board members’ addresses. This is naturally not something we want published, so please email me addresses directly to my email address,
(04:16:15 PM) seanegan: thank you, Luke.
(04:16:17 PM) markdoliner: seanegan: No other questions from me
(04:16:50 PM) seanegan: In that case, I move to adjourn again
(04:16:55 PM) Luke Schierer: seconded
(04:17:22 PM) seanegan: all those in favor of adjourning say aye. All opposed say nay
(04:17:25 PM) Luke Schierer: aye
(04:17:25 PM) markdoliner: aye
(04:17:28 PM) markster: aye
(04:17:30 PM) elb: aye
(04:17:31 PM) evands: aye
(04:17:34 PM) seanegan: The meeting is adjourned.
(04:17:43 PM) elb: thanks all
(04:17:47 PM) markster left the room.
(04:17:47 PM) seanegan: I’ll follow up with the appropriate people on the action items.
(04:17:50 PM) seanegan: Thanks for coming
(04:17:55 PM) markdoliner: Thanks for having us
(04:18:03 PM) seanegan: I’m legally required to