Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc.


We run a federated XMPP instance on, which means anyone with an XMPP account can join our conferences on If you do not have an XMPP account, you can get a free account which is able to join our conferences. For board members, please use your accounts. More information about them can be found here.

The following list describes the conferences we have on

  • board: The board room, where discussions between the board happens.
  • discussion: General discussion for Instant Messaging Freedom.
  • alerts: A room for alerts and notifications for infrastructure and other things.


We have moved all discussions to our new Discourse forum instance at Authentication is tied to our single sign-on provider that is available at

Mailing Lists

Due to limited resources, we have shut down our mailing lists and migrated discussions to

The archives of the mailing lists can be found at